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What Are the Various Treatment Options for Laceration Repair?

Foot laceration is quite a common occurrence as the feet, when not protected, comes into contact with all kinds of sharp objects on a daily basis. Even stubbing the feet against a sharp piece of furniture could cause a laceration. The laceration could be a superficial wound or it could be a deep injury that causes trauma to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Laceration repair is commonly done to treat and heal this kind of trauma. Treatment Options for Lacerations The treatment for lacerations can be as simple as an antiseptic wash and a sticky plaster (in case of a superficial cut) to surgical procedures and skin grafting for deep wounds. Treatment options can include: Skin-Closure Strips These are effective for small, simple lacerations for wounds that are very mild and in low-tension areas. They are not for use in deep cuts as they can lead to wound dehiscence. Tissue Adhesives Tissue adhesives are useful when a quick out-patient treatment is sufficient for lacer

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