The Basics of Foot Hygiene

Most people (this includes both men and women) take good care of their hands. This is because the hands are essential of almost every action that is taken and also because they are always on display, to be seen by others. Dirty, calloused, damaged or otherwise unattractive hands are not things that a person can be proud of. But what about the feet? They function in a way similar to the hands, but are subject to far more stress and pressure. And because they are rarely seen boy other, they are often neglected. Remember foot hygiene is not just so that they look nice. It is a matter of keeping them healthy so that they are free from diseases and infections.

Ways to Clean Feet
  • Use a foot file or pumice stone to rub off all the dry, chapped and hard skin of the feet.
  • Then soak the feet in warm water and scrub them again. Do not stop the soaking.
  • Wash the feet from the ankles down to the toenails.
  • Use a nail brush (or even an old toothbrush) to scrub on, around and under the edge of the toenails.
  • Do all this slowly so that your feet have time to soak. It’s a nice relaxing feeling so why hurry?
  • When you have done with the soaking, take a soft towel and gently pat the feet dry. Do not rub them and do not pat them excessively. The feet should remain a little moist so they do not start to chap again.
  • The only areas that should be dried completely are the spaces between the toes. Leaving these places damp could lead to fungus infections.
  • Now you are ready to massage your feet. If you don’t have foot lotion, don’t worry. Yogurt, warm milk, lemon juice or olive oil will do just fine. Massage your feet slowly and gently, being sure not to leave out any areas, except the spaces between they toes which must remain dry. Take your time and enjoy it.
  • If you have massaged your feet with lotion or olive oil, leave it on - it’s good for the skin. But if you have used yogurt or anything else, rinse it off when the massage is over.
  • Now is the time to apply lotion. It doesn’t matter if its foot or hand lotion. Read the bottle to see what the lotion does. When it comes to lotions, the most expensive one are not always the best. If trying a new lotion rub a little on your wrist and wait for a day to see if there is any adverse reaction. Rub the lotion all over the feet, including the back of the feet, the soles, the heels and the ankles.
  • Take a brush and clean under the toenails again. Then use a toenail clipper to trim the nails. Do not cut the nails so short that it is painful. Make sure that the nails are all cut to the same length and shape with no rough edges that could catch and cause the nail to tear. Do not cut the nails in a curve. Keeping the edges in a straight line is the best.
That’s it – your feet are now clean and nice. You do not have to do this every day. But a regular cleaning, soaking, massaging and nail trimming regimen will ensure that you have feet that you can be proud of – whether or not anyone else sees them.


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