10 Good Foot Habits for the New Year

Perhaps, the most neglected part of our bodies is our feet. We take them for granted, hardly ever spare a thought for them, and probably never bother to look after them. They bear the entire weight of the body, take you wherever you want to go, enhance your gait, bear the pressures of your fashion footwear, but never ever complain. Well, not always!

It is time to treat your feet with a little love and care if you have not been doing so. This New Year, let’s make a resolution to pay attention to our feet.

Here are some good foot habits you could plan for the coming year. These are designed to assist in creating a routine for you – a regime for caring for those tired feet of yours! Once this regime becomes a habit, just watch how happy your feet start looking.

Rule 1: Examine the feet daily

Make time to examine every bit of your feet. Check if there is any chaffing or tenderness. See if there are any early signs of blisters. Check for the beginning stages of corns or any type of fungal infection. If you see any of these, take action immediately as prevention is always preferable to dealing with a more serious foot problem.

Rule 2: Wash your feet regularly

Most of us take a shower and off we go. While a shower is refreshing, it is a sad fact that it does no good to your feet. A proper soak and wash is a must for feet health. Make sure that you wash your feet with warm water and lots of soap. After this, do not forget to dry all areas thoroughly. This will not only keep your feet clean, but will make them healthy too.

Rule 3: Short nails are the best

Long nails look fashionable and attractive, but they can be the breeding ground for infections, especially fungal infections. It is best to keep the nails at a healthy length, preferably short. However, remember, keeping nails too short could also lead to ingrowth of toenails and ingrowth is very painful. Moisturizing the nails and the entire feet keeps them soft, flexible and prevents dry skin.

Rule 4: Show Off

It is best to show your feet. When at home, try to remain bare feet. This helps the feet to breathe. Plus, it also maintains a connection with the Earth. This helps is cultivating better arch support and creates a stable foundation that makes the structures of the feet well-balanced and well-stabilized.

Rule 5: Choose comfortable shoes

Ill fitting and uncomfortable footwear can cause many foot problems, especially if they are worn for long periods of time. Make it a habit to wear comfortable footwear when you are at work.  The next time you go to buy footwear, choose comfort and over fashion. Your feet will always thank you for it.

Start with these five rules; they will become habits in a few weeks. Your feet will always be happy!


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