Keep Your Feet Safe during the Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a time for celebrations. The joy that comes with the religious activities continues with the celebrations with family and friends. The onset on spring brings budding greenery that makes outdoor activities a great pleasure. One such activity is the Easter Egg Hunt which is organized in most communities and neighbourhoods.

It is a belief that the Easter bunny, on the Easter Sunday, brings baskets of candy. He also hides eggs in various places, and children have a great time searching for these eggs. This exercise came to be known as the Easter Egg Hunt. 

However exciting and adventurous the Easter Egg Hunt may be, caution needs to be maintained, especially where children are concerned. While it is lovely to see the little ones dressed up in bunny shirts and dress clothes, we need to pay attention to their footwear, in addition to their Easter holiday outfits too. 

Consider the Weather and the Adventure: Easter Sunday usually falls in late March or early April. This is spring time and there is a lot of greenery all over. In some places, it may be warm too. Many parents make their youngsters wear sandals and flip-flops for the holiday events. Though these may be ideal for the weather, they provide little protection for the feet. 

The Easter Egg Hunt involves children searching for Easter eggs that have been hidden in various places outdoors. This hunt may involve walking on grass, dry twigs, and surfaces that may be rocky and uneven.    Children can cut or bruise their feet easily and sandals and flip-flops are not designed for such terrain. It is recommended that you make your children wear comfortable shoes that offer good protection. You would never want your child to get a bruise or a cut in their feet, would you? 

Barefoot? No: Children love to kick off their shoes and run around barefoot. This is very dangerous for those little feet as it is an open invitation for cuts and bruises. Bare foot walking is also the cause for puncture wounds in the feet. When the skin gets punctured, it invites debris and bacteria that can go deep into the wound.

No Dressy Shoes Please: The Easter Egg Hunt is usually after the Easter Sunday Mass at Church. Children usually have dressy clothes on when they go to Church and an occasion like Easter is special. Dressy clothes will also have dressy shoes. These are definitely not suitable for outdoor activities. Dressy shoes may have very slippery soles that can cause them to fall. Remember to change the shoes when you change the clothes. Just like comfortable clothes, outdoor activities also call for closed and comfortable shoes. Plan ahead and keep a comfortable pair of shoes ready for a quick change after the Mass.  

These steps can be useful measures that will minimize the chances of an accident during the Easter Egg Hunt.


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