Simple Exercises for Healthy Looking Feet

Very few of us pay attention to the two very important tools of our body. Our feet! Especially, when it comes to running and fitness, we just go ahead and do what we like, without sparing a thought for our feet - two of the body’s most efficient and synchronized mechanisms!

Our feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 40 muscles and if this is not enough, they have hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons, and ligaments. Isn’t it time we realize what is it that our feet want from us? A little care and some simple exercise will go a long way in keeping the feet happy.   

Here are some exercises that will keep your feet healthy and looking good.

Massage: This is excellent for your feet. Kick off your shoes and massage your feet with cream or just olive oil. This is one of the best ways to stimulate your nerve ends and the feet muscles. You will feel good and relaxed too.

Finger Push: Run your fingers in between your toes and make circular movements. Push your toes back and forth, all the while you make circular movements, twisting and turning your hand a little.

Elbow Rub: Place your elbow at the base of the foot and move it up and down the entire length of your underfoot.

The Toe Grip: Place a few soft items on the floor. It could be anything: a sock, a handkerchief, a ribbon or just a strip of cloth. Now lift it off the floor up with your toes. Hold the item in your toes for 10 seconds and then drop it off. Repeating this exercise five times everyday will strengthen your foot muscles and improve your balance.

The Toe Extension: You will need an elastic band. Place it on around all five toes. Now expand your toes spreading them out as much as possible and hold for five seconds. Release and relax. Repeat this exercise five times and then move on to the next foot. This exercise will strengthen and support the muscles. These muscles need to be in good shape to protect the bones of your feet.

The Calf raise and Stretch: Balance your weight and raise yourself up rising on your toes. For this exercise, you will need to stand near a counter or a doorway. Hold for 10 seconds, and then take normal position. Make sure you hold on to something lightly for balance. This exercise helps to strengthen the calves and improve balance. 

After practicing these exercises, you will notice how light your feet feel.


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