Children’s Feet Need Special Care Too

Have you ever noticed that children rarely complain about their feet? They may complain about pain in their shins, as their bones stretch while they grow. But, rarely do we hear them complaining about their feet. This is because children’s feet are highly flexible. This makes them not too sensitive and so they do not feel pain in the areas of pressure or friction as adults do.

This fact makes it all the more important to look after children’s feet as much as it is important and recommended for adults. Good maintenance of a child’s feet will translate into good health, as well as better and safer mobility throughout their life. Here is some practical advice and information on care for the complex network of 26 bones, 19 muscles and numerous tendons, and the problems that lurk under them. 

Complex Structure, Complete Care 

The feet cannot be considered as an isolated part of your body. Each bone is connected and this connection is spread across all parts of the body. In children, especially newborns, the feet comprise of relatively soft and flexible cartilage. This cartilage slowly converts into bone. The period when this development takes place is extremely important as there is the constant risk from injury and deformity. Ill-fitting footwear should be avoided and a visit to the podiatrist is recommended. 
Right Measurement 

Children’s feet should be measured for length and width. Ensure you have bought the socks and the shoes of the right size. Checking the shoes thoroughly, inside and out, is a good habit to develop. This will alert you of any unusual wear and tear. These normally occur on the back portion of the heel or between the back and the outside of the shoe. There could also be a bulge on the upper heel area which may not be visible to the eye.

Different Shoes Each Day 

Try not to make your child wear the same shoes every day. Alternate between shoes, so that they dry out completely, both inside and on the outside. A pair of well-fitted lacing trainers could be the best shoe for your child’s feet. Washing the feet well, drying between the toes, and dusting talcum powder is highly recommended.

Seek Professional Help Early 

Children usually have sweaty feet. However, if their feet are smelly, there is something wrong. It could indicate poor hygiene, which is the root cause of most foot problems. Keeping the nails clipped is a good habit. Remember not to cut down the side of nails or make them too short. Regular inspection and trimming is essential for foot care. It is best to cut on the line of the nail at the tip of the toe. Let the corner of the nails clear the fleshy part of the toe.


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