High Heels are Killers

Every woman likes to wear high heels. Research says that at least 31% women wear high heels to work, while percentages vary among those who wear them while dancing and on occasions. Yes, most women feel that the perfect, pointy pair of heels, like the 4-inch ones can make any outfit stylish. They feel that some magic takes place when they step into those towering heels and their self-confidence improves. And if the escort is tall, high heels become a must.  

However, this style that we can do anything for comes with a great deal of suffering too. According to a study conducted by a team of orthopedic specialists, high heels damage the ankle and foot. They are bad for health and comfort. Despite this, there is nothing that stops us from wearing them, some of us do so occasionally, some daily. Foot fashion it is! We make sacrifices for foot fashion, have we ever thought about the price we pay for this sacrifice? 


When we wear high heels, our posture is the first to get affected. Heels push forward the center of the mass in the body. This takes the hips and the spine out from their alignment. On the other hand, when we wear flat footwear, the hips, neck and spine all perfectly aligned. 


When we wear heels, our posture changes. This change affects the knees. The alteration in the posture, especially when we walk, places a lot of force on the inside portion of the knees. It is said that the force on the knee joints increases about 26% when we wear high heels. 


The calf muscles have to adjust to accommodate the change in posture and the pressure on the knee joints. This adjustment is in the form of contraction. The muscles need to contract and tighten to allow you to keep your balance. After repeated use of high heels, the calves may start paining due to this pressure. 


Footwear with high heels usually comes with narrow toe boxes to make the feet look slim and stylish. This combination could create some thickening in the tissue that is around the nerve between the third and the fourth toe. This thickening is called Morton’s Neuroma, which can lead to numbness and pain in the toes.


The ankles are the most risky part of the foot when you wear high heels. They have to adjust themselves to provide the required balance. This makes them highly prone to injuries. With a little loss in the balance the ankle gets affected immediately. Broken ankle, twisted ankle, sprain is not uncommon among those who wear high heels.

So, for your feet’s sake, switch to flat footwear and you will see the difference!


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