How to keep your feet looking young as you age?

While some changes in our feet are a painless and natural part of aging, others can be painful. Here is how to spot what is normal and what's abnormal so that you can keep your feet looking and feeling young.

Normal Changes

  1. Your feet get longer and wider. It is believed that 90% of women wear tight shoes because of which 80% develop foot problems. Make sure you get both your feet measured on a regular basis, and buy shoes that fit the foot that is larger.
  2. Thinning of the protective fat pads on the heels and balls. It is important to wear well-cushioned insoles or shoes to protect the fat pads on balls or heels from thinning.
  3. Ankles losing some motion and become stiff. Stretch your heel cord several times by standing on a curb and dropping the heel off. Apart from this, rotate your feet while sitting to exercise your ankle joints.
  4. Loosing balance. Make sure you do balance training. Stand on one foot for about 60 seconds several times during the day.
Changes that are abnormal

Speak to a qualified specialist if you are suffering from any of the problems mentioned below:

  1. Hammertoes
  2. Bunions
  3. Mallet toes
  4. Calluses
  5. Overlapping toes
  6. Corns
  7. Arthritis
Make sure you wear shoes that are created out of soft leather. Apart from this, they should be cushioned and low heeled, with a wide toe box. You can also utilize over-the-counter products that offer support and cushioning such as orthotic pads, and splints. Orthotics can also help in preventing conditions such as corns and bunions from getting worse. If you still don't get any relief within six to eight weeks, consult a specialist. They may supply you with a custom-made orthotic or may suggest surgery.

Beauty regimes to keep your feet beautiful:

  1. Hydrate: make sure you restore your skin’s softness by applying foot cream right after bathing, while your skin is still a little wet. Also, for maximum effect, look for a cream that contains exfoliators like lactic acid to enhance penetration of hydrators such as glycerin.
  2. File and clip: toenails start to get harder and thicker as we age due to constant pressure. It is important to clip and file your toe nails correctly. Also, apply petrolatum jelly on nails at night to keep them softer.
  3. Exfoliate: Use a pumice stone or a foot file in the shower to get rid of dead cells. However, avoid sloughing overzealously (calluses help in protecting feet, so do not file them down completely). It is also a good idea to avoid razors as they can cut skin and cause infection.
Just a little effort and you can enjoy beautiful feet your whole life!


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