FAQ : Answers to Some Very Common Questions about Feet

What's that muck on the gym’s shower floor? What does that uncomfortable tingling feeling really mean? Here are answers to some of the most common health mysteries related to your feet.

Q: Can I catch anything more than an athlete's foot from the shower area of the gym?

A: The truth is, you can catch athlete's foot from the carpet or the stalls of your gym. Plantar warts are one of the most common shower threats. In case you have a weak immune system and the warts don’t vanish on their own, your podiatrist can easily laser them off.

It is always a good idea to wear shower shoes, and wash them with water and soap after every use, and then dry them at home.

Q: At times my feet tingle or go numb. I'm fit and healthy—is there anything to worry about?

A: These symptoms may not signal a serious issue in people who are healthy. If you observe the lack of feeling only when taking off your shoes, your shoes might be too packed, which may compress the nerves. The other problem could be in your diet. Inflammatory foods such as, refined sugars and carbs can affect the peripheral nerves and cause tingles.

Q: My feet are getting bigger?

A: The ligaments and tendons supporting your feet begin to loosen up in your 30s, and the arch starts to fall. These changes make the foot wider and longer. It’s a delicate growth expansion, so the shoes will only need to be stretched. Another factor is pregnancy. Pregnant women may see their feet go up a full size due to a hormone called relaxin, which makes the body’s ligaments lengthen and spread.

Q: What causes smelly feet and what is the best way to remedy it?

A: The bad odor comes out when bacteria and sweat mix on your feet. Make sure, after the daily wash, you sprinkle some foot powder for getting rid of extra moisture, leaving bacteria nothing to breed on. In case you have time, brew black tea and after it cools, soak your feet in it for ten minutes shrinking the sweat glands.

Q: I am a thirty year old woman who has a very hard time wearing heels while my 55-year-old aunt wears them every day without fuss. Why?

A: The cushion in our soul starts to thin out with age, making it very hard to wear heels. However, if you start wearing heels on a regular basis, sometimes your body can adjust by substituting the fat pads with dense calluses that can help withstand height.

Q: What is the best way of treating a bunion?

A: Bunions are a boney lump that can cause a lot of pain. It is important to stop their development by wearing shoes that have a roomy toe area. Doctors also recommend utilizing a bunion bootie - a sock-like design that assists in improving the flexibility of ligaments - once every week. It is also a good idea to keep the weight balanced as added pounds can aggravate the problem.

If you feel you are suffering from a foot problem that requires your attention then make sure you go to a podiatrist for a checkup.


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