How to refresh your feet after a party?

Your feet undergo a lot of wear and tear during the holidays. You have to stretch them, bend them, jump and turn on them, at times for hours. And after a long dance night, those feet end up a little stinky, too. Make sure you take good care by using these tips. After all, you need them in their best shape this holiday season!

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Epsom salts and Warm Water Soak

After a tiring day, soothe your feet with a soak in the warm water. Add a bit of Epsom salt to reduce any inflammation. Epsom salts tend to neutralize foot odor, smooth skin, and ease muscle cramps. Try using salts induced with lavender for aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Spray

It is a good idea to give your feet some mist by using the essential oil spray. There are numerous health and body stores that keep this spray, or you can also purchase essential oils to create a spray on your own. A mix of tea tree oil and peppermint diluted with water can work wonders to perk up those aching feet. You can also try a mix of lavender and water for a more calming experience.


It is always a good idea to treat yourself to a foot massage done by a professional, but if you are tight on funds, you can always do a massage yourself! Here are a few steps:

  1.   While comfortably sitting on the floor, cross your ankle over your opposite knee so that you can reach your foot easily with both hands.

  2.   Start from the foot’s ball, kneading your thumbs in slow circles away from one other.

  3.   Keep working on the entire foot like this 

  4.   Give your Achilles tendon and heel a soft rub with the thumb.

Taking your legs up the wall

After a long night socializing, take a few moments when you reach home to elevate your feet. This is a good practice for enhancing blood circulation and decreasing inflammation in painful feet, and it also reduces your blood pressure. Lay next to a wall on the floor and extend your legs above you so that your heels are resting against the wall. For extra comfort, you can take soft padding under your pelvis.

Ice Bath

A short ice bath is another way through which you can recover. By making use of a small portable tub that contains cool water and some ice cubes, insert one foot in the bath for approximately five minutes before you switch to the other foot.

While it’s always tempting to attend every single party, it is best to take a rest every now and then to relax your tired feet. Listen to music, watch a Christmas movie, and bring in you’re a game at the best party! 


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