How smoking hurts your feet?

Our feet are situated further away from our heart, which means they don't get the same amount of blood as other body parts. And if you have the habit of smoking, your body is going to get sluggish. One of the biggest ways smoking can harm your feet is through peripheral arterial disease.

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PAD or peripheral arterial disease causes plaque buildup within the arteries, often affecting arteries that run to your feet. With the arteries getting narrowed and stiff, blood has a hard time reaching the lower parts of the body. This may cause leg pain while walking, and the person will notice that their injuries or sores on the feet take a longer time to heal.

If you are a smoker, your chances of developing PAD are almost four times more than if you do not smoke. Also, as per experts, if you are prone to this problem, it will develop almost a decade earlier if you smoke. Moreover, if you suffer from diabetes — another factor that causes reduced circulation to your feet — your feet are particularly at high risk for damage. Did you know that people suffering from PAD have a greater possibility of dying from problems linked to cardiovascular disease, and almost six times more risk of dying from coronary heart problem.

In a lot of cases, doctors can recuperate the circulation by bypassing a small section of artery and attaching a blood vessel to it. However, if your feet are badly damaged because of lack of blood flow, it might require amputation.


If it concerns you that your feet are at risk due to smoking then here are some steps that can help in quitting:

Plan ahead to prepare for quitting. Set a specific date for the time when you wish to quit, and remove ashtrays and cigarettes from your house, office and car beforehand. Ask your family and friends for support and encouragement.

Speak with your doctor. A lot of medications such as, nicotine based nasal spray, patches and lozenges — can increase your probability of quitting. Certain antidepressants can also assist you with nicotine cravings.

Avoid all triggers. If you stay in the company of those who smoke, you will crave smoking yourself. Moreover, consuming alcohol makes you highly likely to cheat on your resolution. If you go to bars and other such places where smoking and alcohol tend to be in abundance, make sure you find yourself a new hangout.

And do not forget to divert your mind by doing something you love. Since you are working hard to break a bad habit, take your mind off of it by joining an activity or doing something that gives you pleasure. Exercising regularly and taking daily baths are stress-reducing, healthy ways of distracting yourself.


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