How to protect your feet from blisters?

Almost everyone has experienced the pain of blisters sometime in their lives. From wrong socks to a power run, a lot of things can cause these bumps on your feet. Sometimes, even shoes that are created for comfort can rub against your feet, causing a painful and annoying blister.

What is a Blister?

Blisters can pop up almost anywhere on our feet. The area normally looks red, is soft and round and filled with fluid. It is the parting of the skin layers that makes the fluid build-up. Blisters are normally found in areas with bony prominence or those that tend to rub with other elements.

Risk Factors involving blisters:

Friction is the main cause of blisters on the feet. It may also be a result of moisture. You can suffer from a blister if you are in the habit of wearing ill-fitting shoes, or if you fail to protect your feet properly with socks. Each time you wear poorly fitted and uncomfortable footwear that is either too small or too tight you are inviting blisters. Blisters may also be a result of footwear that scours the foot’s bony areas, such as, the joint of your heel.

Exercise, which is known to create moisture and friction within the shoes, is another culprit. Also, the kind of sock can add to blister formation. If you do not wear thick socks to protect and cushion your feet, you increase your chances of blisters, similar to not wearing socks. In case your skin brushes directly with the shoe, blisters will form.

Blister Diagnosis

You can diagnose a painful spot on your feet as a blister if you carefully analyze your recent activity (breaking in new shoes, or a workout), and by looking at the pus sac. However, blisters may also be a consequence of some health conditions. It is best to speak to a podiatrist to find out for sure about the reason behind the formation.

Eczema (a painful skin condition that leads to inflammation) may result in blisters, as can viral infections, medicinal reactions, chicken pox, and the like.

Blisters are not serious, but they are a reminder that you need to take good care of your feet. Make sure you choose the right footwear, cushy socks for keeping them in proper shape. Also, make sure you visit a podiatrist every time you feel something unusual with your feet. This will help you enjoy good health.


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