Great Hacks That Help With Rheumatoid Arthritis Foot Pain

Do you have aching feet? Stiffness, pain, or swelling in the toes or ankles is extremely common with people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, 90 percent of individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis experience these insistent symptoms of foot pain. Selecting the right footwear, talking to a podiatrist and losing extra weight are some of the tips experts recommend for dealing with issues of the foot.

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1. Orange Juice: It is said that cold has the power to decrease pain. Place a towel over a bottle of orange juice which is frozen and run the ball of your foot on it. This will also assist in decreasing inflammation.

2. Antiperspirant: In case you have a problem of blisters, make sure you spread some antiperspirant over the problem before wearing your shoes. This will keep the moisture away from the blisters.

3. Grocery bag sock: In case you wear stockings for compression, you can purchase a special device for putting them on, as that is particularly tricky for somebody with rheumatoid arthritis. Use a plastic bag for an open-toed stocking. Just cut the bag’s corner and place it onto the heel and toes. The stocking can now slide up easily. Once it is up, pull the bag out of the foot from the side of the toe.

4. Lamb’s wool and bunions: Buy gel-filled pads or moleskin for protecting the bunion from shoes. Or you can also fill your shoe with a padding of lamb’s wool. In case the wool moves around, rub a little petroleum jelly on your foot to hold it in place.

5. Ginger and tea wraps: Wrapping feet inside a damp washcloth can be extremely soothing for individuals suffering from achy feet. Some individuals find that putting crushed ginger, strong chamomile tea provides extra relief from the pain. Even though there is no evidence supporting this, it has no side effects.

6. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is known to offer relief from pains and aches. The main reason behind this is Cinnamon in great doses can be damaging to your health. Moreover, cinnamon is known to have potential damaging effects on pregnant women and may react in a wrong way with blood thinning medications and people susceptible to clotting.

7. Willow bark: Willow bark is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits and offers pain relief. In fact, it is known to offer same qualities as aspirin. Disadvantages? It has certain active ingredients such as, salicin, which can be dangerous in large quantities, as it may shut the kidneys down.

8. Green tea: Polyphenols in green tea has numerous anti-inflammatory properties. But, it is not just the polyphenols that assist the RA sufferers. It is actually the antioxidants found within the polyphenols known for suppressing immunity.

While rheumatoid arthritis is not considered life threatening, one may feel extremely miserable. These cures can help you in feeling a lot better. Another way to get treatment is to see a podiatrist.


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