Risk Factors Towards Toenail Fungal Infections

It is believed that half of all the diseases of the nails are caused by fungi. The small fungi get beneath the beds of the nails and may make the toenails brittle, dark, and at times smelly.

Anyone can get affected by toenail fungus, but some individuals face greater risk. Overall health, gender, age, genetics— and numerous everyday habits tend to play a very important role in causing toenail infection. Here are a few common reasons for fungal infection, and how to prevent it.

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Family history:

Hereditary factors play a major role in a person’s health. In case you have a history of fungal infections within your family, make sure you take out time to analyze your feet regularly and see a podiatrist promptly in case you doubt toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus and boots

If you have a job that entails wearing boots for a longer period of time then your job may put you in threat of a fungal infection. Such shoes tend to create a sweaty, warm, environment which is conducive for the development of toenail fungus. Any job that causes your feet to get sweaty or even wet then it puts you at risk for a fungal infection. To reduce the susceptibility towards toenail fungus, keep spare pairs of shoes or boots and let every pair dry after it’s worn. Apart from this, make sure your socks are changed frequently to ensure the feet stay dry.

Toenail fungus and nail polish

While nail polish enhances the look of your toe nails, it can also cause fungal infection. Strong nail polishes block light and create an atmosphere conducive to the growth of fungus. Therefore, make sure you avoid using nail paint from time to time.

If you can’t live without a pedicure, make sure your salon sanitizes the tools properly before using them on you. Fingal infection is contagious and can spread by using the same instruments as the affected person. You may also want to keep your appointment during the first half as instruments used for pedicure are normally the cleanest during the day.

Toenail fungus and tight shoes:

Closed-toe shoes, particularly the ones that are narrow from the front, can lead to foot trauma, weakening your nails and making them prone to fungal infections. In case you have to wear a shoe, which is closed from the front, choose a footwear that has enough space so that your toes can move without effort. You can also choose shoes that help your feet breathe. Any kind of open-toed flip-flop or shoe will permit air circulation which in turn will help to prevent toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus and locker rooms

If you swim, you should not worry that the chlorinated pool may cause toenail fungus. The problem actually starts with the locker room. Humid, wet areas are conducive for breeding of toenail fungal infections. It is important to wear foot gear when using the locker rooms. Also, it is very important to dry your feet properly after swimming and getting back into your shoes.

With just a little caution, awareness and regular visits to the podiatrist you can ensure that your feet remain in good health all your life.


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