Top 5 Foot Care Tips to Have Healthy Feet During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy are common. Yet, most women don’t give much importance to their foothealth though the feet do bear the brunt of some major changes happening during this stage. From cramps and foot pain to swelling due to varicose veins on lower limbs and itchiness, foot problems can create a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Here are five foot care tips which you can follow to ensure you have healthy feet during pregnancy. 

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1. Make your feet strong with strengthening exercises: Ideally, you should start doing foot strengthening exercises such as ankle rotation, toe curls, leg shake, thigh shift, etc. early on in your pregnancy to ensure your feet are prepared to handle the additional weight, which you will be gaining over the next few months.

2. Stay active: Staying up on your feet for most part of the day would mean your feet getting used, which would help them steer clear of going numb. So, instead of lying down or sitting for long hours at a stretch, you should move around the house, go for short walks in your neighborhood or simply do some light exercise as all these will increase the overall blood flow in your body, including in your legs and feet. 

3.Choose supportive and comfortable footwear: Choosing the right footwear (preferably with laces, straps or Velcro) is crucial to avoid foot discomfort during pregnancy. Ideally, you should avoid wearing all types of heels as they will put unnecessary pressure on your joints which are already under a lot of strain. However, if you must wear them for some reason, opt for a heel height of 3 cm as it will shift your weight a little forward on your feet, which can help lessen discomfort. You should also avoid wearing shoes with tapered toe boxes as they will cramp up your feet and make them prone to sensitivity, swelling, etc.

4. Pamper your feet with massages and foot therapies: Opt for foot treatments and massages that will improve the blood flow in your feet and reduce the stress on them, thus making them feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Since your swelling stomach will make it difficult to reach out to your feet, you may even opt for pampering pedicure sessions to loosen up your nerves and keep your feet cleansed and moisturized, which will help avoid itching and also avoid problems caused by dirt, fungal infection, etc.

5. Wear compression stockings and orthotic shoes after consulting your doctor: Doctors often suggest wearing compression stockings to control leg swelling in pregnant women with varicose veins. Such stockings also help prevent symptoms like tension and heaviness in the legs. You may even use orthotic shoes that offer your feet additional support and comfort compared to your usual footwear. However, you should use compression stockings and orthotic shoes as recommended by your doctor and not according to your whims and fancies because the wrong product may end up doing more harm than good.

Pregnancy is a blissful phase and with these tips, you can ensure you have healthy feet to support you during this period. 


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