5 Holiday Foot Care Tips

With the holiday season in full swing, you are sure to be busy. From buying the ingredients for those delicious cakes and getting the shopping done to meeting your loved ones and sending out party invites to friends and family, there’re a lot of tasks to complete. Despite the festive cheer, the holiday season has its fair share of stress too. Though you may not be giving a lot of thought to your feet these days, the fact is they could be under a lot of stress for taking the brunt of your outdoor and indoor activities. If they start hurting, your celebratory mood could soon go out of the window.

However, with a little care and consideration for your feet, you could keep them healthy and comfortably mobile through the coming weeks. Here are five tips to ensure this:

⦁ Wear Shoes with the Right Fit: Though you may not ditch high heels for that special soiree, pick shoes that are comfortable and give you the right fit and support when visiting shopping malls or when hitting the dance floor this holiday season. Overly high-heeled or narrow shoes or dress shoes that you don't wear often could compromise your comfort and safety, irritate your feet and even cause calluses, blisters and swelling; the worst-case scenario being severe ankle injuries.

⦁ Avoid Overindulging in Purine-Heavy Foods: You may not know it but excessive holiday cheer could adversely affect your feet. Intake of certain high-purine beverages and foods like red wine, beer, red meat, shellfish, etc. can encourage uric acid build-up and crystallization in and around the joints which can cause very painful gout attacks. Since the big toe is the body’s coolest part and uric acid is temperature-sensitive, you will often find your big toe getting affected first.

⦁ Remember to Moisturize: The dry winter weather hurts your feet a lot. While rough feet may not bother you much, cracked heels could be painful. This makes it important to moisturize your feet daily to ensure that they stay comfortable and supple. You could use a moisturizing lotion or cream just before bed, after you shower or at any other time of the day that you find suitable. However, don’t use a lot of lotion/cream between your toes as moisture getting trapped there could end up causing more harm than good. In case you enjoy hot showers, consider having them a bit cooler as hot water strips away the moisture from your feet, thus drying them out.

⦁ Exercise Your Feet: To avoid muscle cramps, you can opt for stretching. Raising your toes as well as pointing and curling them a couple of times can help you steer clear of toe cramps. To help your feet relax, rotate your ankles. If you want to loosen ankle joints, cup your heel and turn each ankle slowly five times. The basic idea is to exercise your feet and ankle to ensure proper blood circulation which would help them stay healthy and ready for the grind of the festive season.

⦁ End Your Day with a Foot Massage: Foot massage can boost circulation, help release tension and refresh your skin after you have spent a long day on your feet. At the end of a busy day of shopping and celebrations, try to set aside a couple of minutes to massage your feet using a moisturizing lotion to release stress and tension. Your feet will surely thank you for this!

Use these tips to make sure your feet stay healthy all through the seasonal chores and celebrations.


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