5 Tips to Get Your Feet Summer - Ready

After spending the winter in boots, your feet need to be rejuvenated to get them summer-ready. If you are planning a beach vacation sometime soon and you think your feet need some pampering before they can strap on those beach sandals, you need not worry. With these five tips, your feet will be ready for the forthcoming sunnier weather.  

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Check Your Feet:

After their long winter hibernation, your feet need to be given a thorough check to spot foot problems like corns and calluses, discolored nails, etc. Since you won’t want your feet to be covered up all summer, you should seek a podiatrist’s advice as soon as you notice any foot problem. Remember not to neglect them or leave them unattended. Else, they may become more serious and cause a lot of trouble in the future. 

Check Nail Health and Trim Your Nails:

Since closed shoes are an ideal breeding ground for fungus, check your toenails for fungal nail infections. If you feel there are signs of a fungal infection, visit your foot doctor immediately. Don’t opt for over-the-counter treatments as they may not be the proper remedy for your condition. In case your nails seem healthy, cut them straight across with a clean toenail clipper. Avoid having rounded toenails because they may cause painful ingrown toenails.

Get a Relaxing Foot Soak:

Nothing pampers your feet like a relaxing foot soak, especially after a long, tiring day at work. Soaking your feet would also help reduce swelling, if any, and prevent infection in case you have blisters or cuts around your toenails or on other areas of your feet. Other than softening your skin, a relaxing foot soak would also make exfoliating your feet easier.


By the time your feet bid winter adieu, they could have become dry or they could suffer from cracked heels. You would need to exfoliate your feet regularly to ensure they remain beautiful and supple. From rubbing your feet with a sugar or salt scrub or using a pumice stone to give your feet a good scrub to taking the help of an exfoliating cream, there are different ways to get the job done. You may even see a podiatrist for a more professional approach. Regular exfoliation will help your feet get rid of the dead layer of skin, thus letting healthy skin shine through, which can be flaunted by wearing open shoes.


After you have soaked and exfoliated your feet, don’t forget to moisturize them well as you have got them primed and ready to absorb moisture.Since the skin on your feet is up to ten times thicker than the rest of your body’s skin, they need a much more intensive and regular moisturizing routine. Ideally, you should moisturize them after every shower, but if you’re pressed for time, you can moisturize them before going to bed at night. Remember to moisturize along the bottom and top of your feet, but not between the toes as the latter would then turn into the perfect place for bacteria to thrive.

Now that you know these tips, show your feet some love and help them become summer-ready.


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