Preventing Common Foot Problems During Lockdown

COVID-19 has uprooted our lives in many different ways. It is a tough time for everyone but we must stay positive and continue looking after our physical health, now more than ever. One of the least looked after and most used parts of the body, the feet, is having more than its fair share of abuse. On a normal day, in a normal world, the feet would have been looked after in various ways. People would have had regular pedicures and massages and any small foot ailment would have been attended to immediately.

Common Foot Problems

With lock downs and work from home restrictions, many people are spending long periods of time at home, wearing unsupportive slippers or no foot wear at all. Our feet are not used to being unsupported for long periods of time. This is causing a range of problems that include arch pain, foot and muscle fatigue, weak ankles, joint pain and corns and calluses.

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Preventing Lock down Foot Problems

  •      Use Supportive Shoes: Wear footwear that offers a proper grip on the floor, even at home. With unsupportive slippers, our feet work extra hard to get a grip on the floor and this leads to muscle strain, tendon pain and ankle pain.
  •      Keep Your Feet Active: Our feet are used to a certain amount of exercise every day. With gyms, stadiums, beaches and parks closed, it is important to find an alternate way to keep the feet active. It is necessary to make sure that our feet get at least half the amount of exercises that it used to get to before the pandemic.

  •       Keep Your Feet Warm: Walking barefoot on cold floors are causing chilblains among the younger generation. Wear socks and avoid excessive exposure to the cold.
  •     If you have any foot problems, don’t ignore them. Make a telehealth appointment with your podiatrist and get it attended to immediately.


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