EPAT Treatment for Pain Management

Extracorporeal pulse activation technology or EPAT is one of the most recent technological advances in pain management. It is a non-invasive treatment which uses pressure waves to stimulate the metabolism. It also helps in improving blood circulation and encourages healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. 

EPAT Treatment for Pain Management

When Is EPAT Recommended?

Our feet and ankles carry our body’s weight all day, every day and there is bound to be wear and tear. Sometimes, this is aggravated by extreme sports and training or it could worsen due to aging. If the trauma is severe, it could take a long time to heal and can quite often become chronic. EPAT treatment can help in these chronic cases and change the outcome and provide a positive solution. This is because it not only helps in pain management but also helps in tissue regeneration. With EPAT treatment, the injury heals faster and recovery is quicker.

Benefits of EPAT

Non-invasive treatment

No risk of infection

No anesthesia required

No scarring


Patients can:

o Walk almost immediately

o Return to regular activities within 24-48 hours

o Resume strenuous activities after 4 weeks

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At the clinic, a coupling gel will be applied to the area that needs to be treated. The EPAT pressure waves will be released through the applicator and will move over the area in a circular motion for maximum effect. The treatment sessions usually take 5-10 minutes depending on what the problem is. The patient will generally need at least 3 treatment sessions with one session every week.


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