Recover Faster from Sports Injuries – EPAT Treatment

Sports Injury Treatments

Sports injuries are the bane of sportspeople, as they can not only be extremely painful but they can also stop them from playing the sport they love. Most athletes want to get back on to their feet and into the game as quickly as possible. EPAT shockwave therapy is an effective treatment option that can help them do just that. It is an FDA-approved; non-invasive treatment option to alleviate and heal sports injuries.

Recover Faster from Sports Injuries – EPAT Treatment

Benefits of EPAT Therapy for a Sportsperson

Faster Recovery

For sportspersons, prolonged absence from training and competitions can affect their game seriously. With EPAT shockwave therapy treatment, the down time is very little and they can get back into their training routine very quickly.

Long-Term Results

One of the biggest problems sportspeople face are niggling injuries that recur causing pain, making them take time off from their sport every now and then. Over time, this can bring down the level of their game. With EPAT shockwave therapy, people get long term pain relief and can continue with their game without any disruptions.

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Continuous training and competition are expected of sportspeople. This means that any absence reflects poorly on their performance. Since EPAT treatment is non-invasive, it neither harms the biomechanics nor raises the risk of infection. Hence, recovery is speedier.

EPAT Therapy – What You Need to Know

EPAT therapy uses acoustic pressure waves on the site of pain or injury to stimulate metabolism, enhance blood circulation, accelerate healing and alleviate pain. The podiatrist directs low frequency sound waves at the injured area through a hand-held applicator. The treatment is usually done about four times over four weeks, with each treatment lasting for about 15 minutes.

After treatment, the patient can resume normal activities in one to two days. Strenuous activities like training could be undertaken after just four weeks.

If you are looking for a Foot Specialist in Los Gatos who offers EPAT therapy, you can search online and you will be able to find one close to where you live.


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